///Dead Lucky

Dead Lucky by M.R. Forbes

Ghosts & Magic, Book 1.5

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

Length: 1 hours 55 minutes

Series: Ghosts & Magic #1.5

Published by: Quirky Algorithms

Release Date: Sep. 17, 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Small-time thief and hitman Conor Night thinks having terminal cancer is his worst problem. The illegal treatments keeping him alive are expensive, and the side effects a mixed bag:

Conor can raise the dead.

When a low-end hit points to a high-end job, Conor is suspicious, but it's an opportunity he can't afford to ignore. Armed with a set of soul-sucking ancient dice, a collection of corpses, and the estranged daughter of one of the most powerful wizards on Earth, it will take all of his wit, charm, and magic to navigate the treacherous world of the dominant Houses and either finish the job, or be finished himself.

He's got 99 problems, and dying is only one.

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