///Escape from Hell

Escape from Hell by J.A. Cipriano

Kingdom of Heaven, Book 2

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

Length: 4 hours 56 minutes

Series: Kingdom of Heaven #2

Published by: Jason A Cipriano

Release Date: Oct. 20, 2017

Genre: Fantasy

The Shadow has taken control, and Kingdom of Heaven's last hope has found himself trapped somewhere else entirely.

After falling victim of the evil lord Shadow's manipulations, college dropout turned reluctant gaming hero Iron Jack has been trapped in the much fabled but seldom visited lower levels of what was once his favorite video game.

In a dangerous world where the rules are different and nothing is as it seems, Iron Jack must look for a way back to the world he's sworn to protect and the people he's come to care about, including the hottest angel chick in any realm.

When he finds his old crew, the Avenging Angels there, he thinks he's got a leg up on the Shadow and his dastardly plans, but Iron Jack will soon find that things aren't as simple as he hoped, and even a world as complicated as Kingdom of Heaven has a dark underbelly.

Welcome to Hell, Iron Jack. Hope you survive the experience.

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