Execution by M.R. Forbes

The Divine, Book 6

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

Length: 7 hours 5 minutes

Series: The Divine #6

Published by: Quirky Algorithms

Release Date: Jul. 11, 2015

Genre: Fantasy

Landon Hamilton, the champion of humankind in the war between good and evil, had thought he'd seen the last of the demon Abaddon when he destroyed Archangel Avriel's Box.

He was wrong.

Abaddon is back, summoned to our world by an old acquaintance and desperate for the freedom he was promised.

Now the race is on for Landon and his motley team of angels, demons, and mortals to find a way to destroy Abaddon and put a stop to his handler's plot before humankind is laid to waste.

He's outmatched and out of time. But then again, isn't he always?

Execution is the sixth book in the popular Divine series, a supernatural urban fantasy series about Heaven, Hell, good, evil, and the man who keeps the angels and demons from ruining Earth for the rest of us.

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