///Hero of Thera

Hero of Thera by Eric Nylund

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

Length: 11 hours 38 minutes

Published by: Eric Nylund

Release Date: Jul. 31, 2017


Be a hero in the ultimate game.

Are you a top-rated gamer?

Then you might have the skills to play the Game...where players are sponsored by actual demon lords, gods and goddesses, or Lovecraftian nightmares.

Enter Thera, a real kingdom at the crossroads of many other worlds, but with all the augmented-reality interfaces, character progression, and game mechanics that players know and love.

And the stakes of the Game?

Nothing less than Creation - every world in every universe and reality.

So...no pressure.

Thus Hector Savage, gamer extraordinaire, comes to Thera. Nothing can prepare him, though, for the schemes of Abyssal Lords, rampaging barbarian ghosts, and a host of nefarious forces who want him dead - before he can even make fifth level!