///His Dark Empire

His Dark Empire by M.R. Forbes

Tears of Blood, Book 1

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

Length: 8 hours 16 minutes

Series: Tears of Blood #1

Published by: Quirky Algorithms

Release Date: Dec. 11, 2015

Genre: Fantasy

A wizard without family....

A warrior without memory....

A world without hope....

One thousand years ago, the world was broken and reborn beneath the boot of a nameless, ageless tyrant. He erased all history of the time before, enslaving the people and hunting those with the power to unseat him.

The power of magic.

Eryn is such a girl. Born with the Curse, she fights to control and conceal it to protect those she loves. But when the truth is revealed, and his soldiers come, she is forced away from her home and into the company of Silas, a deadly fugitive tormented by a fractured past.

Silas knows only that he is a murderer who once hunted the Cursed, and that he and his brothers butchered armies and innocents alike to keep the deep, dark secrets of the time before from ever coming to light - secrets that could save the world...or destroy it completely.