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Justin James


Justin Thomas James is a audiobook narrator and all around voice over artist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Justin first got into narrating 4 years ago as a hobby after listening to and being inspired by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading's performances in the 'Stormlight Archives' series by Brandon Sanderson. His first narrations were of short horror stories written by a good friend. Up to now he has produced full audiobooks for Domino Finn (author of the 'Afterlife Online' LitRPG series,) as well as for Rhett C. Bruno, author of 'Titan's Wrath' from the 'Titanborn' series and many other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors.

When he is not narrating, Justin enjoys singing & playing his keyboard, exploring fantasy worlds in RPGs for PC and watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV shows with his girlfriend.

Justin loves what he does and is excited to be a member of SoundBooth Theater!

Justin's Audiobooks

The Land Of The Undying

"Pangea Online: Death and Axes" by S.L. Rowland