///Steampunk Is Dead

Steampunk Is Dead by Harmon Cooper

The Feedback Loop, Book 2

Narrated by: Jeff Hays

Length: 5 hours 26 minutes

Series: The Feedback Loop #2

Published by: Boycott Books

Release Date: Jun. 2, 2017


The exciting sequel to The Feedback Loop! Adjusting to the real world isn't exactly easy for Quantum Hughes. Instead of focusing on his recovery, he takes an assignment alongside Frances Euphoria to an online world called Steam in search of a Proxima Developer. True to his nature, Quantum acts out of turn, causing the entire world to turn against him.

This gives him two options: return to The Loop for help, or try and hold his own. There is also the problem of the Reapers, who have appeared in Steam ready to hunt him down, or worse, kill him. The real world, The Loop, and Steam - three places with their own rules, their own enemies.

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